Past Competitions


Required Repertoire

【Preliminary Screening (recorded audition)】

The following two pieces should be performed and recorded:

  1. R.Schumann 3 Romanzen for Oboe and Piano op.94 Nr.2
  2. G.Ph.Telemann 12 Fantasies for Oboe solo (original: Flute) Nr.8
  3. H.Dutilleux Sonata for Oboe and Piano 1st and 2nd movements
【First Stage】

The following two pieces should be performed:

  1. J.S.Bach Partita in a-minor for Oboe solo (original: Flute) BWV.1013 1st and 2nd movements
  2. R.Schumann Adagio and Allegro for Horn and Piano op.70 (Peters edition)
    *Violin version adapted for Oboe
【Second Stage】

The following three pieces should be performed:

  1. F. Couperin Les gouts-reunis ou nouveaux
    concerts 7eme concert in g-minor ed Fuzeau
  2. Choose one from the following pieces:
    (a) Elliot Carter Inner Song for Oboe solo
    (b) Isang Yun Piri for Oboe solo
    (c) Heinz Holliger Sonata for Oboe solo (Schott edition 2001)
【Final Stage (accompanied by orchestra)】

The following two pieces should be performed:

  1. W.A.Mozart Concerto for Oboe and Orchestra in C-Major KV. 314 (285d)
  2. B.A.Zimmermann Concerto for Oboe (1952)
    *The final stage will be performed with Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra *The Mozart piece should be performed from memory, whole Zimmermann may be performed with the music.


  1. All required repertoire should be accompanied with the piano except for solo pieces.