Past Competitions


Required Repertoire

【Preliminary Screening (recorded audition)】

The following three pieces should be performed and recorded:

  1. F.Poulenc Sonata (1962) 2nd and 3rd movements
  2. R.Schumann 3 Romanzen for Oboe and Piano op.94 Nr.3
  3. P.Hindenith Sonata for Oboe and Piano 1st movement
【First Stage】

The following two pieces should be performed:

  1. A.Dorati Cinq pieces pour le Hautbois Nr.1,2,5
  2. W.A.Mozart Concerto for Oboe and Orchestra in C-Major KV.314 (285d)
    2nd and 3rd movements※
【Second Stage】

The following three pieces should be performed:

  1. M.Marais Les Folies d’Espagne for Oboe and Basso Continuo
    All of the following pieces to be performed; No.1,2,3,7,9,10,11,13,14,18,20,22,26,28,29,31,32
    *It should be Leduc Edition
    *With harpsichord and basso continuo.
  2. B.A.Zimmermann Concerto for Oboe (1952)
  3. Choose one from the following pieces:
    (a) L.Berio Sequenza Ⅶ
    (b) K.Stockhausen In Freundschaft※
    (c)N.Skalkottas Concertino for Oboe and Piano
【Final Stage】

The following two pieces should be performed:

  1. 1. T.Takemitsu Enter-temps for Oboe and String-Quartet
    *With String Quartet
  2. C.Ph.E.Bach Sonata in a-minor for Oboe solo (original: Flute) Wq.132 (Amadeus)
  3. R.Strauss Concerto for Oboe (Complete)※


  1. Among the required repertoire mentioned adove, the ones with ※ must be performed by memory.
  2. All required repertoire shall be accompanied by piano, except for ones with specific notification and solo pieces. (A=442Hz)
  3. The third test piece for the Second Stage should be chosen and stated in the application form.