Past Competitions


Required Repertoire

【Preliminary Screening (recorded audition)】

All of the following pieces must be on the recording to be submitted:

  1. G.Ph.Telemann Zwolf Fantasien Nr.6
  2. R.Schumann 3 Romanzen for Oboe and Piano op.94 Nr.1
  3. C.Saint-Saens Sonata for Oboe and Piano in D-Major op.166 3rd movements
【First Stage】

The following three pieces should be performed:

  1. A.Vivaldi Sonata for Oboe in c-minor 3rd and 4th movements
  2. J.Haydn Concert in C-Major 1st movement※
  3. B.Britten 6 Metamorphoses after Ovid op.49 Nr.3 “Niobe” and Nr.4 “Bacchus”
【Second Stage】

The following three pieces should be performed:

  1. J.S.Bach Sonata in g-minor BWV.1030b
  2. Choose one from the following pieces:
    (a) W.A.Mozart Concerto for Oboe and Orchestra in C-Major KV.314 (285b)※
    (b) R.Strauss Oboe Concerto※
    (c) B.Martinu Oboe Concerto※
    (d) D.Milhaud Oboe Concerto※
  3. Choose one from the following pieces:
    (a) A.Pasculli Concerto sopra motive dell`opera “La Favorita” di Donizetti
    (b) D.Milhaud Sonatine
    (c) H.Dutilleux Sonate pour Hautbois et Piano
    (d) L.Berio Sequenza Ⅶ
    (e) K.Stockhausen In Freundschaft
【Second Stage】

The following two pieces should be performed:

  1. W.A.Mozart Oboe Quartet in F-Major KV.370
  2. A.Dorati Cinq Pieces pour Le Hautbois


  1. It would be desirable to have the concerti from among the set pieces stated above (※marked) played from memory.
  2. With the exception of unaccompanied pieces, all pieces are to be accompanied by piano. However, pieces 1. in the 1st Preliminary Stage and piece 1. in the 2nd Preliminary Stage may be accompanied by cembalo.
    [Type of cembalo provided = Atelier von Nagel (William Dowd-Paris) French Double Manual Harpsichord, After “N. et Francoise Blanchet 1730”]
    (Tuned to A=442)
  3. Please write out the titles of the three test pieces chosen by the contestant to be performed at the 2nd Preliminary Stage in the blank space provided in the Application Form.