The 11th Competition



Masako Eguchi graduated from the piano department of the Senzoku Gakuen Academy of Music and its graduate school. While in school, she received a scholarship to further study at the Ferenc Liszt University of Music in Hungary. Eguchi then obtained a teaching position as Korrepetitor at the same school and won prizes as the best accompanist at various wind music competitions in Hungary. She moved to Germany in 2004, where she was offered a post at the State Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Stuttgart. Because her work as Korrepetitor has earned such high praise from several different people, Eguchi not only teaches at music colleges in Stuttgart, but also in Köln, Mainz, and Bazel. She has worked with distinguished professors Ingo Goritzki and Christian Wetzel in their classes.

As a chamber music player, Eguchi has performed in a number of concerts, including a “Lunchtime Concert2” on BBC Radio (UK), chamber music concerts on SWR Radio (Germany) and Bartók Rádió (Hungary), and the Beethoven Festival Bonn (Germany). She has performed with many well-known musicians.

Eguchi often performs with Philippe Tondre (the second prize winner at the 9th International Oboe Competition of Japan), one of her chamber music partners, and their chamber music concert at the Beethoven Festival Bonn won the Beethoven Ring Prize in 2012.

She is an official accompanist for the ARD Munich International Music Competition and the Markneukirchen International Instrumental Competition. She serves as an official accompanist for many orchestra auditions, as well.